Great handcrafted belt! What surprised me was no run off black color onto khaki pants or shorts.. Your competitor H***s, I saw on YouTube, their dye rubbed on customer clothes through belt loops... keep on with this product. I would buy again cause it's great with my BLACKHAWK CLASSIC SPEED HOLSTER, for my Taurus M85 38cal..looks professional. Black holster black belt looks great! USA! USA! USA!


I didn't expect this to be this great of a belt. I mean it's $30 I thought it'd be a thin belt I'd just wear it out and have to buy a new one next year. but seriously this is not that belt. It's real leather it's REAL tough and I'd be surprised if this didn't last me for 10+ years its so well made. I can't believe I found this deal. Seriously best gun belt I've found.


This belt is heavy duty and and is great quality and a great deal compared to other gun belts twice the price. Good communication and fast shipping. Will purchase a brown belt soon. Thanks!


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